Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh blogger how I've missed you.

Recently we went out with a couple to dinner. She yanks out her camera and starts snapping pictures for her blog. As I sat there smiling for the pic with fajita burrito left over in my teeth I started thinking about my long lost blog. Ha ha it's been over a year since I've even looked at it. So much fun to re-read some of the old posts though.

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but life feels pretty much the same. Of course we have some changes. I graduated last spring with my bachelor's degree. I still work at Brzowski Plastic Surgery and am there full time now. So if you want a chemical peel I'm your gal. If you want new boobs Dr. Brzowski is the way to go. Of course he does a lot of other stuff, but I'm about as mature as an 8th grade boy in health class and find the word boob to be slightly funny. I won't even get started on some of the other words that make me giggle. Anthony is now working at Medway Medical as a sales rep and is loving it.

We are still in our same house and ever so slowly, and I do mean slowly we are fixing things up here and there. I really pushed for an AC to be installed this year, but Anthony is pushing to re-do the bathroom. So it is now July and we have done neither one, but we just finished the Parade of Homes and good news ... Anthony doesn't know it yet, but I've decided I'll just move into one of those homes. Preferably the one in Mt. Green because its decorated like it just rolled out of my home decorating board on Pinterest :) Ha ha. Maybe one day I'll build my dream house, but for now Im very content where I'm at, no air conditioning and all. I really do love where we live, our view, our neighbors, the hiking/biking trails. All the important stuff is close like the gym, the mall, and grocery store. What more could a girl ask for, well besides a bigger closet to house all my shoes :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

chloe update

We ended up having to go back to the vet this week. After keeping a close eye on her for a week I noticed an increase of her twitching spasms. I took videos of her and off we went to Dr. Smart (that is her real name).

Chloe has focal seizures meaning her body does not go into full on seizures, but they are more localized. She had blood work done and some other tests. She is now on a medicine to help with the seizures. Lucky me I get to give her a pill in the morning and one at night. They said the pill can cause possible liver damage and for the first little while she will be really tired or really hyper. I'm crossing my fingers for the more tired dog.

Ah what we do for our pets. In institute the other day my teacher (who is my cute father-in-law) went over a scripture in D&C that says pets will be in heaven and they will be able to talk to us. She better be saying that I treated her like gold.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

100 Post

Well technically this will be my 101st post, but I just wanted to say I reached post 100. Yipee for me.

I made it through my first week of school this week. I bought a lot of books that I hope I will use. I don't guarantee anything :) I am very excited for it to be my last semester though.

Poor Chloe has been sick.
It is freaking me out a lot. Last August when we went camping she had a seizure when she crawled up in our bed to get warm. We kind of freaked out for a minute, because this is the first time we had ever seen her do that. Afterward she was fine and went on her merry way. It has been almost 5 months later and she has been fine, but recently she has been having these shaking/twitching movements she keeps doing.

I made an appointment with the vet and $113 later we have no real reason for why she does it. She did end up having an ear infection and needed her updated rabies shot too.

She was not a happy camper being there especially when they gave her the shot. She wouldn't even take the treat from the vet. I think she was also mad that we had to be in the cat exam room.

The vet basically said that if she continues to have more than a couple of seizures a month then she will need to be given a medication everyday to help. We were also told that Chloe has a knee that pops in and out of place and will most likely have bad arthritis when she is older. If the knee gets to bad then she will need surgery on it.

Once upon a time ago if someone had told me this about their dog I would have thought there is no way in heck I would spend all that money and energy worrying about an animal. Now I now differently! I can't stand seeing her shake. I don't think she is in any pain, I think it more just annoys her, but I know Anthony and I will do everything we can for our furry child.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas morning waiting for everyone to get their lazy bones out of bed.

Nap time. Everyone is a little tuckered out after so much excitement. Especially Chloe and Cody.

Christmas Eve 2010

On Christmas Eve we did a little family outing with my family to Temple Square and the Gallivan Center.

I think it was Bob's second time ever ice skating. He managed to make it around the rink about 5 times.

It was lots of fun, but very cold!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In a Panic

I think Chloe has been missing Anthony a lot so she keeps getting herself into trouble.

Anthony has been working 2 jobs the last 3 months. One is still at RC Willeys and the other is at the Sleep Institute of Utah where he is working as a rep in the Salt Lake Tooele area. He is doing both right now until the end of the year then he will be full-time at the Sleep Institute and will quit RC Willeys. So he has been working from 9 am to 9 pm everyday and usually leaves at 8 to get to Salt Lake.

Chloe and I both miss him, but she has tried to choke on a bone and run away to get his attention. I had to perform the doggy heimlich maneuver to save her. I called Anthony because I didn't know what to do she started choking on one of those dinky Dingo bones and she just plopped over. Luckily I was there because he didn't know what to do.

Then the other night I had gone Christmas shopping and grocery shopping. It was raining when I was bringing all the bags in, so I propped open our back door and had the car in the garage so I could leave the trunk open and not get everything all wet (our garage is not attached to our house). I brought in all the groceries, put them away, and started making dinner before I realized "where the heck is Chloe." Whenever there is human food she is bound to be right at your feet. I started calling her name and looked in all of her usual sleeping spots, but I could not find her. Then I went outside thinking maybe she is out in the yard. I had shut the gate so I thought maybe she was just chilling outside in the chilly air. When she wasn't out there I started to panic

The last time I had seen her was when she was following me in and out of the house bringing in all the goods. I slipped Anthony's shoes on (only thing by the door), grabbed a flash light, and started walking up and down the street yelling her name. After I made it all the way to the end and saw no sign of her I called Anthony. If you ask him he will say I was emotional when he talked to me. Well, yeah I was, but I was not crying. I was just worried my little girl was outside with cars that go way to fast up and down the street. It was about 8:00 so he left work and came home.

As I was walking home I said a little prayer and immediately had the urge to look in my garage. I kind of thought it was silly, since I was sure she would have barked if she heard me call her name that many times. I had a really strong feeling to look there though, and I thought if anything I could get my car out and drive around to look for her. Sure enough though, when I opened the garage door out bolted this fury four legged creature. She was so happy to see me and just as I found her Anthony pulled in after me and she was even happier to see him.

Were Rich

I put my pictures in the wrong order and we all know how much fun it is to move pictures around in blogger (its not :)
We actually got our Christmas tree put up this year. So our family room looks like Christmas threw up in the corner. I am glad that we ended up putting it up. There's something thats so special when you come home to a house warmed by little white Christmas lights. I bought two automatic timers so every night at 6 the Christmas lights come on and go off right at 10 for bedtime. We watched A Christmas Story and Elf while decorating. Chloe was plum tuckered out after doing so much of nothing.

I was a little lazier this year and didn't put up my other tree, but now I'm just spoiled by this tree. The other one is really pretty when its put up, but you have to fluff out each individual branch and put each individual branch in its color coded location. Then wrap the whole tree in lights. I tend to go over board with lights and I think there is about 15 strands I bought for that tree. My new tree comes in 3 chunks (chunks is such a grody word, don't you think) the whole thing is pre-lit and and all the branches fold down in levels and they stay pretty much fluffed. So this year we will just honor the other tree with a picture from a previous year :)

old tree lit up:
old tree in day time:
Christmas this year:

Back to the original title of the blog

Were Rich

Well Monopoly money rich.
We did a little Christmas shopping last Saturday and Dillards had a deal that if you bought something in their make-up/perfume counter area you could be in the money tent. Anthony hopped in. They told him that whatever stuck on his clothes is fair game and whatever he caught and shoved in his pockets. They gave him the thumbs up and he very calmly looking he started grabbing at the money that swirled around him

see thumbs up

We ended up with 160 paper $1 bills. The red table in the side of these pictures was the prize table. We got a bunch of boxes of samples, yipee! At least the boxes they were in will be nice to wrap presents in. She also threw in a Nautica bag, that will be great for vacations. Then Anthony got a can of tennis balls that stunk so bad when he popped the lid open :(

After this little adventure we we went and saw the movie Tangled. It was really cute! I recommend it. If you haven't seen it yet, don't read on, because it will ruin the movie for you.

I'm really curious so when he chops her hair at the end of the movie is she now stuck with that ugly little choppy bob? When the bad lady at the first of the movie cut her hair that little brown piece stayed short, so I'm thinking she is now stuck with it, since obviously that one piece never grew like the rest of her hair.